Weiser Security: Gallup Organizational Survey Findings

Weiser Security utilizes the Gallup organization to compare the effectiveness of our company programs against those of the millions of other companies in their database. According to their research they found that Weiser clearly stands above:

Weiser Security Officers were found to be more engaged in their work than 77% of all organizations in their database.

Employee Satisfaction at Weiser is better than 80% of all comparative organizations.

Weiser Security selects and places employees in jobs better than 89% of other companies included in the Gallup research.

Weiser Security Officers are trained better than 82% of other companies.

Gallup has scientifically linked these critical organizational measurements to positive business outcomes such as customer retention, employee turnover, absenteeism, safety, and profitability.

Weiser Security is pleased with the results of the Gallup survey and we continue to work hard to ensure we are among the leaders in these critical areas of organizational effectiveness.